MUST READ: What Your Wrinkles Tell You about Your Cancer Potential

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Nobody EVER thinks of wrinkles as a good thing. Well, unless you are Sean Connery or Paul Newman. Or if you never got any respect until you started to show off some crow's feet.
Regardless!, if you sit there and just think about what causes wrinkles in the first place, you might actually appreciate what they tell you about your internal organs. After all, wrinkles are the biggest gauge of your molecular-cellular ability to replicate healthy cells. What happens on the outside, to the cells of the largest organ in your body is also happening inside.
Why? What causes wrinkles? Is there any way to stop AND reverse wrinkling? Will fixing your wrinkles fix any internal organ corruption? Will fixing your wrinkles actually reduce your cancer risk? Watch the video. A couple minutes answers all these questions.

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