How do YOU make your body in hospitable to viruses and cancers?

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Viruses and Cancers are basically micro-squatters. They look for the most friendly, hospitable place they can find. Then walk through the open front door and squat.

I know a couple of hostels that had this problem. People were staying longer than 2 weeks and apparently, in some states or counties, after two weeks, you get squatters’ rights.

The landlord has to respect your right to legally be evicted through due process. Your body is not too different. Once a virus or cancer cell takes root, well… it almost takes an act of congress to evict it.

So? What do you do? How do YOU make Your body inhospitable to viruses and cancers in the first place? SEE : http://herbholist.tumblr.com/post/178154067/dana-farber-cancer-institute-harvard-medical-school

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