Part 2. Astrid Dowling. 17 Years Old. 100% Baddass.

In Uncategorized on November 9, 2009 at 11:31 am

6:16 PM me: HAHA!!! Do you friends bug you and tell you that youre their hero??? Do you have fanboys too???
 astrid: hahahaah
 me: Or is it just your mom? o_O
6:17 PM astrid: they say theyre happy for me, and yes i have alot of people who care about me even people i havent met before
 me: Well… how common is the surgery and how much notice did you have??
6:18 PM astrid: well ive met a few people here who have had transplants that are staying at the ronald mcdonald house like 5 of them
  i was on the list for about 4 months or 3
6:19 PM me: And how do know when your surgery is???
  like they cant just go and schedule it anytime right??
6:20 PM astrid: no
  you have to wait tilll they find a donor
6:21 PM and they randomly call you on the phone
 me: So you really have NO IDEA when you’ll get the surgery!!!
  or even “IF”
 astrid: no and that is what made me nervous every day
6:23 PM me: WOW! Well… I’m glad someone had the COURAGE and HEART to will away their lungs that fit you!!! and that YOU have the courage to share with everyone how lucky we all are… just to be able to inhale and feel a breath of fresh air!!!
 astrid: yes its amazing 😀
 me: So…. what can I tell people about your web design and photography business if you feel up to getting new clients???
6:24 PM astrid: well i have a myspace site for it because i mostly made myspace layouts, logos, banners but ive learned how to make websites now.
6:25 PM me: Do you want people to reach you through Myspace?? or… facebook?? OR… they can even leave a comment here below… and you’ll get it… if you leave the first comment..
6:26 PM astrid: either but facebook is easier
 me: and your facebook is???
 me: Well Ms. Dowling… You’ve made a big impact on my life… as you learn to feel refreshed from each breath you take… I am learning to appreciate each one I take…
  Thank you!!!
 astrid: no thank you!

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