10 Fun Facts About Heroine – Katrina Hamilton

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Who knew? You could be buying Heroine from the supermarket and Asprin could have been illegal (atleast according to Katrina =).

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1) Originally heroin was marketed as both cough medicine and as a non-addictive replacement for morphine.


2) Known then as diacetylmorphine, heroine was first synthesized by Felix Hoffmann two weeks after he created aspirin.


3) The Bayer company produced and sold Heroin for 15 years.

some claimed it made them feel “heroic,”

4) Heinrich Dreser, the man in charge of testing the efficacy and safety of new drugs for Bayer in 1898, originally rejected Aspirin saying, “The product has no value.” He believed it would detract from the publicity for heroin, their real wonder drug.


5) Pharmacologically, morphine and heroin are very similar. But it takes four times are much morphine to get the same effect.


6) Many people don’t realize that heroin is actually a brand name. When it was first tested on workers at Bayer, some claimed it made them feel “heroic,” a term used by chemists to describe any strong drug.


7) To support their drug habits, users in East Coast cities such as New York and Philadelphia would often collect and sell scrap metal. This gave them the name “junkies.”


8) Ninety-five percent of the world’s legal heroin consumption is for medical use in Britain.


9) In 1898 the typical drug addict in Britain was a middle-class woman in her forties. Today it is an 18-year-old male.


10) Some speculate that before his death Heinrich Dreser had become addicted to heroin, the drug he had originally chosen to market over aspirin. He died of a stroke, something that might have been prevented had he been taking aspirin daily. Apparently one bad decision can haunt you for the rest of your life.



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