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When I first started working at JBNI, I was skeptical. It’s a pretty natural reaction, and one the company gets often. Some of the products seem too good to be true, and warrant the question, “If it’s so great, why haven’t I heard of it before?”

Well, I decided to do a very unscientific test of my own. My parents were remodeling a room in my childhood home and I was helping them to clear out the shelves and shelves of books they’ve accumulated over the years.

The first day I was only able to do it for about two hours before I had to stop. The dust was too much for me, and my allergies had me sneezing every few seconds. I went back a week later, hoping to finish the rest of the books. This time I took a dose of Atmen beforehand. It was the same room, the same shelves of books, the same levels of dust. It was five hours into packing boxes that I sneezed for the first time. This was when I first remembered that I was supposed to take a second dose after the first four hours.

The dust was too much for me, and my allergies had me sneezing every few seconds

I had forgotten that I was taking something. I had actually forgotten that I was allergic to dust. I opted not to take anymore so as to test how quickly and severely my symptoms would return. In the remaining two hours I sneezed maybe a dozen times total, and it only barely interfered with my work. I couldn’t believe it.

A part of me actually can’t wait until spring rolls around, or the next time I dust my room, or when I make friends with someone who owns twenty cats, just so I can test it out again.

Having heard stories from other people who have taken JBNI products, I’m starting to understand the real blessing and curse of it all. You don’t actually realize you’re taking medicine, you just feel…fine. You just feel normal and healthy and medically unremarkable. I suppose this is probably because there aren’t any side effects, so unlike most stuff you’re not just trading one ailment for a lesser one. And isn’t that the real idea anyway?


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