Can You Believe People Get Anxiety and Stress From …

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Some people won’t use the elevator.  Others won’t get on an airplane.  In extreme cases, folks won’t even leave their house for years.  If you thought You had mental blocks and stress, these people will make you feel like a superhero.   

Things people are actually afraid of…

1. Barophobia – Fear of Gravity (are these people always just afraid?)

2. Cacophobia – Fear of Ugliness (do these people wear permanent beer-goggles?)

3. Dutchphobia – Fear of Dutch (“DO NOT OFFER TO PAY HALF!”)

4. Epistemophobia – Fear of Knowledge (sorry about scaring you with this blog)

5. Geniophobia – Fear of Chins (some Chinese people are perfectly nice)

6. Hypengyophobia – Fear of Responsibility (it’s ok, you don’t have to retweet this)

7. Ideophobia – Fear of Ideas (if you have this, please unfollow and unsubscribe)

8. Klismaphobia – Fear of Enemas (who needs friends?)

9. Maniaphobia – Fear of Fear of Insanity (umm, sorry – if you’re afraid of this, it’s too late)

10. Ouranophobia – Fear of Heaven (how do you feel about the alternative?)

11. Panophobia – Fear of Everything (no comment)

12. Sesquipedalolangagenophobia – Fear of Long Words (see above comment)

13. Thaasophobia – Fear of Sitting (too much musical chairs in grade school?)

14. Urophobia – Fear of Urine or Urinating (two words: catheter) 

15. Vestiphobia – Fear of Clothing (any supermodels with this affliction should contact me immediately)

16. Zoophobia – Fear of Animals (hopefully, God doesn’t ask you to build an ark)

17. Phobophobia – Fear of Fear (did this even exist before Kennedy?)

What makes You break out in a cold anxious sweat?

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