If You Are American, The Way You Eat Mexican Seafood Will Kill You. #arsenic #mercury #allergies

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See Part One: http://biodrux.org/2010/01/sushi-worms-parasites-get-parasitic-worms/

I have a friend of mine who carries a four inch long needle with her. It’s full of adrenalin. She is a stunningly gorgeous 28year old PhD in psychology, runs five miles a day, and only shops at an organic farmer’s market.

Inspite of how healthy she is, she has almost died several times. And inspite of how intelligent she is, she nor her Doctors can figure out why. I’m sure this is the case with many perfectly healthy Americans who find themselves with the wierdest illnesses and allergies. So I tell her that if she is not going to listen to me, she should go see a biochemist NOT her doctor.

You see, America being a land of plenty (far more so than even Canada, England, or other Western Nation), Americans are accustomed to picking and choosing what they eat. This would be fine if we just stuck to microwavable prepackaged TV dinners in aluminum trays. But Americans also have an adventurous spirit.

We want to try Japanese cuisine. But we eat the sushi without eating the seaweed appetizer (even though seeweed contains anti-protozoal and anti-parasitic properties). We want to try Korean cuisine. But we don’t eat the burnt rice at the bottom of the bowl (even though the burnt carbon is an antacid that reduces stomach cancer risk due to spiciness of the rest of the meal). And yes, we love Mexican Lobster and Shellfish. But we insist on eating them with a cold Margarita with extra limes (even though not a single Mexican in the room is eating like us).

When is the last time you threw away a battery? Did you throw it away in an EPA regulated manner? Of course not. I’ve seen major corporations toss out huge industrial batteries in the regular food garbage containers. The food garbage containing the batteries filled with toxic mercury goes into land fills. The very next rain flushes the mercury into the oceans that provide your Puerto Nuevo Lobster with mercury sauce.

Do you know how much arsenic is required to kill a man – dead?  0.6mg/kg/day. A typical tablet of aspirin contains 81mg. By my math, that means that one aspirin sized tablet of arsenic can kill 80 regular weight men. Industrially, arsenic is used to treat wood and as a pesticide. It’s everywhere.

You won’t die. But, if you eat it like an American, you will

The amount of arsenic that goes into a 12 foot long 2×6 construction plank of wood is about 30 grams. This is enough to kill 220 construction workers. And this too ends up in landfills and seeps into the ocean.

Here is the fun part. The ocean we are referring to is the same ocean you get that clam, lobster, and crab you so enjoy. You’ll go on cruise ships, club med, and even a Baja California road trip to enjoy this haute Mexican cuisine. When you do, thanks to the miracle of bioorganic availability, if the mercury and arsenic didn’t kill the host, the host lobster figured out a way to “coat” the arsenic and mercury on a molecular level (this has to do with ionic valence, proteins, ATP molecules, and a whole bunch of other stuff. If you’re interested, Ask JBNI’s Team of Scientists and Physicians for details). So if you eat it as prepared, you won’t die immediately. But, if you eat it like an American, you will.

I actually saw a fat man in a restaurant in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico do just that. He had copious amounts of crab and lobster while drinking mega margaritas. He even squeezed extra limes and lemons into the buttery lobster sauce. Before he keeled over and fell out of his chair, he asked his friends, “does the lobster taste funny? Mine kinna has a bitter tinny taste.”

It was the citric acid in the limes and lemons. They break down the protective layer keeping the toxic mercury and arsenic from tearing your cells apart.

JBNI is the producer of this blog and the maker of TaoSalt used by exclusive families in Asia as a detoxifier and rejuvination agent.

Remember, if you have any serious health or medical questions, You can now reach JBNI’s Team of Scientists and Physicians Directly at http://jbni.us/forum

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