In 2012 Space Aliens Will Invade Earthlings and Attack Us.

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Marine Fungus

Well, the day has come where we have to face our fear of alien attack. But who knew these aliens would only be 5-50 micrometers in size? Yes. There are now space fungus among us.

We are told that we shouldn’t start hyperventilating or getting to uneasy though because we are in the good hands of the scientists, doctors, officers, and researchers of the space program.  We are told that they know exactly what’s going on up there in space. Since, the Mir Space Station that’s up there will soon enough be back down here on terra firma, we’ll get to see first hand this “mutant” space fungus.  It sounds all too much like a sixth grade science experiment, and now we’re just waiting for the results.  We don’t know what exactly will happen but the good people of the space program do.  So, peruse what they have to say about the upcoming Mir Space Station and fungus reentry.       

Staley feels that even if any fungi survive the fall into the southern Pacific, they probably will not live through the swim. ~ Mutant Space Fungus Is Bogus, Experts Say By Charles Choi

(Mutation) is not a real danger – if they mutated, that would probably be a bad thing for them ~ Patricia Rusin                                

It is possible the orbiter debris will collide with land masses such as Australia, or that fungi that fell in the ocean could survive long enough for wind or ocean currents to deposit them on land, Staley added. Still, he said that the space fungi would have a lot of competition with other microorganisms.

We’re curious, who exactly will conduct the border check though?  It is an international space station so there must be a mini-United Nations type safety team mobilized.  Seriously, if you can’t pass a state line without being thoroughly searched after a few avacados fell out of your left pant leg, how will a possible mutant space fungus that could mess with Australia just waltz right in.  But then, I can’t help but look at the map and think of what it’ll look like without Australia.

This may sound phobia-alarmist until you realize that a researcher for infectious diseases who worked with MIR said, “We don’t want future Mars voyagers to bring back to Earth mutated microorganisms which could pose a potential threat to humanity,” – Deshevaya, researcher at Department at the Institute of Biomedical Problems (IBMP) in Moscow.

Then again, Deshevaya may sound alarmist until you realize that actual mutant space fungus actually ate through actual titanium and space shuttle extra thick quarts glass. But I’m sure the first few quoted scientists know what they are talking about.

After all, It’s not like some pilgrims can just kill a bunch of native Americans by simply walking off their boats. Or can they? CONTINUED: The Zombification of Humanity.

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