The Guide to Pick-Up (Internal) Hitchhikers: Parasites but Real Parasitic Worms

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Scrap-booking is cool if you’re a mom with 2.5 kids, but what if you want to bring back something truly indigenous.  There’s a perfect solution out there!  You could certainly bring back something, but you’d have to consider how to get it through customs.  Maybe, swallowing the new-found object might be an option?  Then again, if it’s larger than a horse pill you might not get it down.  Well, we do have a last option available to you!  Check out some internal hitchhikers that’ll give you and amazing story an you can do a little show n‘ tell.    

The hooks at the mouth that allow it to latch on and make this one unshakeable creature.  You could sit on a roller-coaster for 10 hours and you’d still have your intestinal buddy with you.  This buddy lives primarily in the gut but it enters the body through the skin, typically burrowing into the foot.  So to guarantee that you’ll get this guy, run around barefoot in South America around that mud pit with your new friend Jorge!  Oh yeah, and that euphoric feeling is anemia.   

Here’s your 5 dollar foot long!  You pay 5 dollars for some veggies and fruits, that were of course lounging around in some fecal-laced soil, while on you’re trekking in Asia and the nice little result is your foot long
(plus a little extra) intestinal friend.  You will never ever ever get lonely with this one, because the female produces not just hundreds of eggs but thousands of eggs just in one day.      

Guinea Worm
The other possible friends are a little too shy.  They stay inside even on a sunny day.  So we’ll introduce you to one that actually likes to see the light of day.  Make sure you drink a lot of water, preferably from random areas, such as puddles on the ground or stagnant water that is collected in various junk laying around.  Eventually, he’ll pop out of a blister and then you can finally name him although you may want to stick to his original name Dracunculus medinensis.  With your new friend right by your side, or foot, or knee, your trip to Africa will have been well worth it! 

Getting the tape worm allows you to have one of the best conversation openers.  Just make sure if you eat still reddened wienerschnitzel during Octoberfest in Bavaria.  After devouring that tasty goodness, you can either make a new friend by saying “Hey, look into my eyes. No really, look!”  But if that doesn’t lure in a new friend the seizures that you’ll get as a result.

However, if you’re upset about the worms, don’t worry there are ways to take care of it…

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