Top 5 Reasons You Are MORE Likely to Die AFTER a Natural Disaster (that you never hear of)

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So you live through the most horrific fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or volcanic eruption and you realize “hey, I’m still alive and kickin!”  You still have to keep your wits about you because something else could very well bite you in your backside.  We’re not talking about the neighbor’s dog either thats been eyeballing you for the last 2 years, because he already ran up the street and got someone else.  And now, that fence that’s been in place protecting you from Cujo is no longer there, he’s free to run amock.  It’s the same with all these diseases…they were made to “heel” through the pre-disaster basic sanitation, medications and infrastructure.  Well, now what could bite you are one or more of the following: 

“The Press Only Likes Fresh Blood and the Blood in Haiti is Drying” Richard Morse

Typhoid Fever
Eating is pretty essential and you’ll probably be somewhat hungry after going through such a traumatic event; however, if your friend offers you some food and he’s been a little delirious and feverish, just say “Thanks, but NO Thanks!”  If you aren’t sure if your buddy has it, then ask to smell his feces.  Ewwww, I know!  But someone with Typhoid Fever will have diarrhea that smells like pea-soup.  Your friend will understand, after you explain why you followed him into the bathroom.    

When the coach mentioned you should have a little ‘fire in your belly’, he probably didn’t mean gastroenteritis.  Having an inflammation in your gastrointestinal tract is not very fun but having diarrhea, abnormal flatulence, bloody stools, and a whole host of other symptoms is much less fun.  The little pink bottle may help your diarrhea but for some of the other symptoms it’s much harder to find such easy relief.         

Things that make you go “hmmm?:” The contents of an “aid for tsunami victims” gift box included a winter coat, expired cans of salmon (to a fishing village), and stiletto shoes (to foster the local prostitution economy perhaps), thong panties (no comment), and viagra (definately remaining silent on this one). But not a single bottle of antibiotics.

Viral Hepatitis
When people say “it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, brown, yellow, heck even purple”, they haven’t been yellow yet.  If you ARE yellow, you better believe BEING yellow does matter. 
Yellowness is linked to jaundice, and jaundice is an indicator of being affected by viral hepatitis. If you get this, your liver fails, you pee brown, you loose all energy, and you vomit blood – all before you die. There is no cure (in western medicine).

Tuberculosis (TB)
When everyone has IT but you, don’t you want IT even more?  Well, even though it’s thought that 1/3 of the world has Tuberculosis, I’m thinking TB may not be too high on your wish list.  Some of the symptoms you might get to experience are a chronic cough, fever, night-sweats… TB is spread through the air, which leads me to ask “how long can you hold your breath?”

Try to say that 10 times fast!  It’s a parasitic disease that can lead to some of the basic symptoms, such as cough, fever, and fatigue.  If you have any of these, you won’t even be able to say it once.  Well, now that you’re all tuckered out from trying to say the name I’ll share the other little surprise too – down there!  Figure out the surprise yet?  It’s genital sores…um, not quite what you expected huh?! 

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