Rapid Weight Loss Secrets #27: Eating Slow

In Uncategorized on February 7, 2010 at 6:57 pm

And everyone there eats in wet surf trunks or a bikini

There is a fantastic organic breakfast place in Cardiff by the Sea, San Diego. It’s called Swami’s. It’s called Swami’s because its right next door to Swami Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship Complex. Everyone who eats there has a six pack. Everyone who eats there has sand in their shorts. And everyone there eats in wet surf trunks or a bikini. It’s heaven for single people.

I work out a lot so I can put away quite a bit of food. But oddly, never when I’m at Swami’s. Oh, the food is delicious. From real Vermont maple syrup to whole grain waffles topped with only seasonal organic berries and NON GMO soy milk, you gotta be happy. Normally, I’d devour all this food on my oversize heated plate like a lion who’s been starved for weeks. But at Swami’s, I can’t.

Since I now know this secret, I know why. 

At Swami’s, there always seems to be an old friend who pops up during the middle of my brunch. I get up from the table to say hi. After spending a few minutes with him, I return to my table feeling really full. I don’t want another bite.

I never understood why until I learned that You have give your stomach a chance to talk to your brain. If you keep machine-gun force feeding your face, your brain focuses on chewing. It can’t hear your stomach screaming, “STOP!!! I’m full already! I’m bursting at the seams!”

So chew slowly. Give your brain a moment to actually feel full and satisfied. Give yourself a chance to realize you are happy. You’ll enjoy your food much more, you’ll each much less and you too will be able to sport your six-pack at Swami’s

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