Mythology and Alchemy of Salt: Can Salt Effect Your Lifespan by Decades?

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Two winters ago, I was up at Mammoth Mountain for some snowboarding. Sure, they used salt to keep the roads clear. And they used salt to cure the beef jerky I was chewing on. It was all good until I noticed the guy ahead of me in the lift line. He was also soaked in salt.

You know the look of someone about to pass out. His eyes were blood shot like he was trying to pass a kidney stone. His forehead dripped sweat like the ceiling of the Four Seasons steam room. His whole body was rocking back and forth the way bouys do. He collapsed.

The man who was once standing a few feet in front of me was now in fetal position on the cold hard floor. He looked about 50. Paramedics arrived and stood all around him. I don’t know why but they didn’t move him for atleast an hour.

Is table salt (and death) really all that bad?

I’m sure he was warned by his doctor to reduce his salt intake. I’m sure he had a doctor. His bindings alone probably cost him near $1,000. And yet, we must have our salt. At the risk of our lives, we must have our salt.

People die and kill for money. People also die and kill from salt. It’s no wonder. Throughout all of history salt was used as currency. Salt was traded ounce for ounce with gold in every major world empire from the Egyptians to the Chinese and even as recently as the Greeks and Romans. In the Jewish and Christian traditions, death at Sodom and Gomorrah meant becoming a pillar of salt and salvation meant being “the salt of the world.” We’re not even going to touch on ormus here.

In Latin based languages like French, Spanish and Italian, the word for salt is “sal.” And since salt was used as legal tender, you would get paid a sal-ary.

In the modern western world, in just a short 80 years, we’ve lost all grasp of the raw natural power of salt as a curative agent and a longevity elixir. It’s no wonder. You can now buy one ton of salt for $150 (source: The Economist). Modern industrial giants like Mortons has devalued the pure potential salt in both the market and the minds of millions.

For example, your doctor will tell you to go on a low sodium diet. Did you know that if you just switched to high quality fleur de sel from the French Mediteranean Sea (cost: $70,000 for one ton), you could still drown your food in salt and not have near the blood pressure / hypertension issues?

The reason is simple. While a writer for the Mayo Clinic disagrees, microbiologists and biochemists all know that the molecular cluster of sea salt in vivo is less than half the size of a molecular cluster of iodized salt. Think of what this means when a salt cluster is trying to get through the microcapillaries of your hair follicles.

Big molecules can’t get through to small blood vessles. These microcapillaries are cut off from oxygen, iron and white blood cells.

Personally, I don’t mind if I get sand in my shoes. It doesn’t hinder my stride. But if I get the tiniest of pebbles in the same shoe, it stops me dead.

Basically, the smaller the molecular size of a salt cluster in your body, the more that salt can function as a detox agent. As far as salts go, from toxic and deadly to neutral to detoxifying, you have:

I have to wonder if the man in $1000 ski bindings recovered.

Next, we’ll have to explain why the iodization and refined processing of salt makes it toxic and creates cellulite.

This blog is produced by JBNI Genomics and Cancer Proteomics. JBNI also produces Tao Salt known for its curious effects on your longevity.

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