How Aspirin Makes You Pay (dearly) For Health Care Short Cuts…

In Uncategorized on February 10, 2010 at 11:14 pm

Do you ever try to take the shorter or quicker route?  See how it payed off for these guys…

A Short Cut Through the War Zone
When your new friend from the field gives you advice on how to get out of the “red zone” double-check your information.  

A Short Cut Through the Jungle
Elephants in the mirror are closer than they may

A Short Cut To the Pool
Squishy seats are the least of your problems after this venture.                                                 

Short Cutting the Plane Ride
When you pass up the opportunity to be felt up by the TSA, there are consequences. 

Short Cutting Your Meds
Aspirin used to be made out of willow bark or leaves.  Newer is better right?  Today, it’s made of a derivative of coal tar.

Companies can produce salicylic acid on an industrial scale for 1/10th the cost of extracting salicin from willow bark. 

What are short cuts doing to you?

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