How to Fall Asleep When You Can’t Sleep

In Uncategorized on February 12, 2010 at 8:03 pm

Whether it’s standing in line at the hippest club in LA or Miami or having a heavy meal at a french restaurant with your dream date, when it comes to the prospect of having sex, nobody complains that they loose sleep.

Nobody complains that they can’t sleep because their bedfellow is writhing about in bed and making you do the same.

The most successful people on earth rarely slept. Dr. Charles Oppenheimer, the inventor of the nuclear bomb and Einstien’s teacher only slept once a week while on the Manhattan Project. His granddaughter told me so.

But if you must sleep, make a pup tent for your face with your blanket. Breathe. Carbon dioxide puts you to sleep. When you are asleep, you will subconsciously uncover your face so as not to suffocate to death. Probably.

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