The Number 1 Fastest Way To Detox: Breathe Deeply

In Uncategorized on February 16, 2010 at 8:32 pm

Friends of mine go on lemon and olive oil diets. They go on detox spa regimens. They go sweat it out in hot yoga. They do all the complex fancy things but they just don’t take the simplest, most profound, and fastest way to detox: breathe.

Millenia old immortality traditions from Vedic Yogis to Taoist Masters all guard the secrets to their highest meditation: breath.

Yogis call it Pranayama (Kundalini of Life Force Training Art). Taoists call it Dahn Juhn Hoh Hop Qigong (Navel Respiration).

In any case, if you breathe deeply, you’ll boost blood circulation to your extremities including your scalp where your hair falls out due to poor blood circulation and your kidneys where stones are starting to calcify. If you breathe deeply, your red blood cells oxygenate properly slowing aging and kicks up white blood cell action. If you breathe deeply, your metabolism revs higher making you naturally burn calories sitting in your chair while you read this.

It’s no wonder the most guarded secret Eastern Traditions all center around breathing. How did they know that 70%-80% of your body’s waste products do not come from stool or urine – it comes from your exhalation. If you don’t believe it, breathe into a plastic bag all day long. After 24 hours, it will weigh twice as much as anyting you can flush down a toilet.

This blog is produced by JBNI Genomics and Cancer Proteomics – The Maker of TaoSalt, Called, “The Strongest 100% Natural Detox Agent Known to Man.”

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