Are Naturopathic Doctors and Universities Considered Legit or WooWoo By Harvard and Nasa?

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Personally, having been raised in a dual cultural environment flying between Korea and LA, being poked by acupuncture needles and syringes, and having been slightly educated in both eastern and western medicine, I can tell you that most of the Eastern practicioners I’ve known worked more off of wishful thinking and superstition than repeatable science. But then again, I’ve met a few eastern masters who demonstrated (repeatedly) amazing results.

As stats would have it, if your ND or Naturopathic Doctor is about 32% effective. He is hovering at about as effective as a sugar-pill. Western medicine however, is highly consistent. If there is a disease that one doctor can’t cure, no other doctor can either. The reverse is also true. This kind of consistency is comforting. While in the east, you’re really not sure if you’re getting treated by Elvis or by an Elvis impersonator.

Surprisingly, Harvard and Nasa are hopeful that maybe, just maybe, Elvis is still alive: “One author was impacted by the earth’s EMF to such an extent in FL that it falsely convinced him that he was having a heart attack more severe than his nearly fatal one. Instead, it preceded an earthquake he then predicted six hours in advance…Physics and Naturopathic Universities could be appropriate partners for understanding, preventing or curing these.” (source)

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