How to Survive Your Danger Packed Cup of Coffee or Tea

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It’s fascinating that when a culture, any culture, does something ritualistically, it’s good for you. The Jewish have their kosher foods and don’t eat after sundown. The Mexicans never use citrus with their shell fish. And the Western of the Western, the Brits have their spot of tea or coffee with not much else.

If you stray one tiny bit from these time tested guidelines, You will die. For example, mixing a margarita with your shellfish, which Mexicans never do will kill you. Eating pork late at night leads to heart attacks and stroke. And taking your coffee or tea with a meal blocks your blood from absorbing iron.

Iron is a key to moving oxygen through your body and coagulation if you get cut. If you have a prolonged dining habit of taking coffee and tea with your meals, you’ll feel dizzy and may even pass out while driving. They have a name for this; Anemia.

If you stray one tiny bit from these time tested guidelines, You will die

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coffee reduced iron absorption from hamburger meal by 39%…tea reduced it to 64% – @thoffmanpcv

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