MYTH: Brown Sugar is Better For You. False.

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Brown rice is better for you. Rock salt is much better for you. Brown whole-grain bread is better for you. So you’d think that a brand named “Sugar in the Raw” would be much better than refined sugar. You’d be wrong.

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I’m with Lanny on the processed vs “raw” sugar differences…having worked for a sugar company (Great Western/Godchaux) and been instructed in both the refining process and the regulations governing it, I learned early on that the FDA is very particular about the contaminants brought into this country in cane sugar “raws”, the partially processed material from which our
packaged sugar is made (ignoring beets here). Refiners such as Domino must remove (an FDA requirement) these contaminants through cooking and filtering with the result being the white granules you purchase at the store. “Brown”
sugars (including “Sugar In The Raw”) have the coloring added to them in the form of molasses AFTER the primary refining process. So, in truth, there really are no truly “raw” sugars from extracted, crystallized cane juice that have not been refined before appearing on the grocery store shelf…sorry to burst anyone’s bubble!

Ann Adams
Pittsford, NY (source)

And Ann Adams is right. We checked. If you have health or medical questions, you are welcome to ask JBNI’s Team of Scientists and Physicians about what is on your mind: http://jbni.us/forum . JBNI is the producer of this blog and 33+ Zero Side Effect Formulas called “remarkable” by PhDs from Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School.

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