How Fatigue Dizziness Heavy Menstruation Threaten Vegitarians and Buddhists

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It was 1999. And we partied like it was.

I remember exactly where I spent that evening. I was in my close friend’s 3 story retail fashion store on Melrose Blvd, Hollywood. All the men drove up in year 2000 European sports cars. All the women were 110 lbs and 5’10”. All the drinks were top shelf. The DJ inhaled one controlled substance after another. And all the guys could go home with two girls or two guys – as they wished.

We were living and we were living large. We had everything we could ever want. Or so we though.

 Frighteningly, many vegitarians and Buddhists are spending their health the same way we spent our imagined money. We all know that low iron, called anemia, makes you

1. bruise easily

2. frequently dizzy especially when you move suddenly

3. erases short-term memory

4. increases miscarriage

5. increases PMS and menstrual bleeding to 1-2 cups (Healthy women menstruate for 3 days loosing about 2 ounces of blood. If you’ve ever donated blood, you know how dizzy and exhausted you get. Imagine feeling like that all the time)

Just like we partied in 1999, you women who are vegitarians and Buddhists have a high likelihood of crashing. Whether your doctor told you to increase your iron intake or not, do you realize there are two types of iron? Do you know which will make you healthy and which will toxify you?

Of the women I’ve dated, several had thyroid problems. They took thyroid medication. They were all vegitarians except one. She was a Buddhist.

If you are health conscious as most vegitarians are, you’ve doubtless compared the nutrition facts of say tofu vs. beef. When you look at the numbers, they give you a kind of security. The numbers make you feel like you can open a new chapter of your life and leave animal protein back where it belongs – in the last millenium.

Food, Standard Amount Iron (mg) Calories
Clams, canned, drained, 3 oz 23.8 126
*Fortified dry cereals (various), about 1 oz 1.8 to 21.1  54 to 127
Cooked oysters, cooked, 3 oz 10.2 116
Organ meats (liver, giblets), cooked, 3 oza 5.2 to 9.9 134 to 235
*Fortified instant cooked cereals (various), 1 packet 4.9 to 8.1 Varies
*Soybeans (Tofu), mature, cooked, ½ cup 4.4  149
*Pumpkin and squash seed kernels, roasted, 1 oz 4.2 148
*White beans, canned, ½ cup 3.9 153
*Blackstrap molasses, 1 Tbsp 3.5 47
*Lentils, cooked, ½ cup 3.3  115
*Spinach, cooked from fresh, ½ cup 3.2 21
Beef, chuck, blade roast, cooked, 3 oz 3.1  215
Beef, bottom round, cooked, 3 oz 2.8  182
*Kidney beans, cooked, ½ cup 2.6  112
Sardines, canned in oil, drained, 3 oz 2.5  177
Beef, rib, cooked, 3 oz 2.4 195
*Chickpeas, cooked, ½ cup 2.4 134
Duck, meat only, roasted, 3 oz 2.3  171
Lamb, shoulder, cooked, 3 oz 2.3  237
*Prune juice, ¾ cup 2.3 136
Shrimp, canned, 3 oz 2.3 102
*Cowpeas, cooked, ½ cup 2.2 100
Ground beef, 15% fat, cooked, 3 oz 2.2 212
*Tomato puree, ½ cup 2.2 48
*Lima beans, cooked, ½ cup 2.2 108
*Soybeans, green, cooked, ½ cup 2.2 127
*Navy beans, cooked, ½ cup 2.1 127
*Refried beans, ½ cup 2.1 118
Beef, top sirloin, cooked, 3 oz 2.0 156
*Tomato paste, ¼ cup 2.0 54

In reality, you can’t. The above chart is taken from the US CDC Website. The asterisks indicate NONheme iron. Nonheme iron rapidly becomes toxic in volume. Northwestern University says, “Iron supplements may be fatal for adults when taken in doses of 200-250 mg/kg from body weight.”

Irregularities in the menstrual cycle were experienced by 27% of vegetarians and 5% of nonvegetarians. http://bit.ly/b40JWY – @thoffmanpcv

For those of you who’ve studied biochemistry, you may consider this alarmist. You realize that nonheme iron can be converted into heme iron – the stuff that makes your red blood cells healthy. But what you may not realize is that according to the American Society of Nutritional Sciences,

“Iron absorption in adult human subjects from legume soups made from soybeans, black beans, lentils, mung beans or split peas is low. Absorption ranged from 2 to 4% even after the absorption values had been adjusted upwards to represent iron absorption from iron-deficient individuals (40% reference dose absorption) (16). … is thus very low even in iron-deficient subjects with a high demand for iron. The low iron absorption is mainly due to the presence of phytic acid although some legume proteins per se, such as soy, are also inhibitors of iron absorption.”

Scary how fast alarmist can sound realist. It gets worse.

If you don’t have enough heme iron in your blood but eat high iron vegis and legumes like most Buddhists and Vegitarians do, you’ll not only have the above five health problems, you’ll also start damaging your liver. The excessive nonheme iron causes cirrosis of the liver. Yep, you’ll have cirrosis of the liver without having any of the fun (binge drinking, hepatitis (drugs), syphilis (sex)) that causes cirrosis in most people.

Here’s the catch. There are two ways to promote converting nonheme iron into heme iron. Eat your nonheme iron rich foods with bioavailable Vitamin C or just eat that same lugume salad with beef. Yep, beef converts nonheme iron into heme iron. So if you’re going to be a vegitarian or Buddhist, atleast eat meat.

some legume proteins per se, such as soy, are also inhibitors of iron absorption

Bring your serious womens’ health questions to JBNI’s team of Scientists and Physicians. JBNI is the producer of this blog and the producer of 100% natural zero side effect formulas including CIBICI.

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