If You Have High Cholesterol, Added Fiber Can Lead To Your Heart Attack.

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I remember a really stupid kid in my high school. Marshal was always getting himself torn to shreds. He would go on these exotic trips with his family and come back just about half dead. He saw himself as a sort of survivalist. He saw himself as a leader and savior in the event of total global melt-down.

Trouble is, he’d go to some Amazon forest and take the wrong guage mosquito net. He’d go to some icy mountain and take the wrong grade thermal sleeping bag. But you should have seen Marshal the day before a trip. If you went to school with me, you couldn’t help it. He’d bring his gear to school.

If you have high cholesterol and are well read or have spoken with your doctor, you already know that fiber is supposed to reduce cholesterol. This is a real and serious problem because oxidized LDL cholesterol is a gunk that clogs your arteries and veins. If the wrong artery or vein gets blocked, you will likely have a stroke or heart attack. In the best case scenario, you’ll clog the microcapillaries that make your hair fall out.

If you feel healthier and secure after take a big bite of your new cereal brand with added fiber, it’s likely a false sense of security.

So you go out and eat foods high in fiber. If you’ve seen a doctor about your blood pressure and cholesterol, he may have even given you a specific amount to add on. This is where you can make a fatal mistake. Not all fiber is the same. In fact, most fiber in CPGs or consumer packaged goods is useless.

If you feel healthier and secure after take a big bite of your new cereal brand with added fiber, it’s likely a false sense of security.

Generally speaking, when you see a yogurt or cereal or anything that proudly features “added fiber,” it’s most likely to be processed artificial fiber. You already know that the processed sugar and refined salt that is in everything can kill you. Processed fiber doesn’t necessarily poison you like the sugar and salt but it can kill you through omission.

The Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine says that Americans get less than half the fiber we need per day. Mary Ann Johnson, professor of foods and nutrition at the University of Georgia in Athens says, “Some of these fiber sources are manufactured in the lab; maltodextrin and polydextrose, for example, are long chains of glucose and other molecules that are strung together.

But they’re not the perfect equivalent of fiber that’s naturally found in foods, Riaz, spokesman for the Institute of Food Technologists, says. “They help, but not that much. They don’t have the same functionality of a whole grain.”

“That’s because isolated or functional fibers lack the array of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and plant chemicals found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables and that are known to benefit health,” says Jennifer Anderson, professor of food science and human nutrition at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

After 100 years after the industrial revolution, billions of loved ones who’ve died of preventable disease, and trillions of dollars of debt, we’re finally starting to realize the profound beauty and power of nature. We are starting to realize that when industry tampers with nature for improved production capacity, there’s an accounting elsewhere. Personally, I hope Marshal realized how arrogant he really was before he took on sky diving.

This blog is produced by JBNI Genomics and Cancer Proteomics, the producer of 100% Natural, Zero Side Effect Cirrin and Loculin. Feel free to bring your serious health and medical questions about blood pressure and cholesterol to @JBNIherbs or JBNI’s Team of Scientists and Physicians – Ask J.

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