Why Vegetarians Shouldn’t Grieve For Slain Animals – The Bhagavad Gita

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“Would you kill then eat your own sister?” – Craig Elliot

King Arjuna: “Therefore, we should not kill our brothers, the sons of Dhritaraashtra. How can we be happy after killing our kinsmen, O Krishna?” (1.37)

It would be far better for me if the sons of Dhritaraashtra should kill me with their weapons in battle while I am unarmed and unresisting. (1.46)

Sanjaya said: Having said this in the battle field and casting aside his bow and arrow, Arjuna sat down on the seat of the chariot with his mind overwhelmed with sorrow. (1.47)

Supreme Lord Krishna: “Do not become a coward, O Arjuna, because it does not befit you. Shake off this weakness of your heart and get up (for the battle), O Arjuna. (2.03)

The Supreme Lord said, “You grieve for those who are not worthy of grief, and yet speak the words of wisdom. The wise grieve neither for the living nor for the dead.” (2.11) Source: http://www.bhagavad-gita.us

King David, the Second King of Israel Did Not Grieve for His Son After His Death. His Wisemen Were Appalled. This is Why – 1 Samuel

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