Why You, Like Buddhists and Taoists Should Eat Vegetarian Atleast Once In Your Lives

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Several years back, I went searching for a master who could teach me the iChing (misspelled intentionally). I had just wrapped up my last dot com business, did well, but did well painfully. There were too many events and people that made my life too painful. So I figured, “Let’s go learn the art of Divination and Precognition. Let’s Learn the iChing – YEAH!”

I walked around San Francisco’s China Town. The smell of jasmine tea, sound of Asian women giggling, and slope of the steep streets of San Francisco brought me to a Buddhist Temple on Free Lunch Day. “Just the act of seeking the iChing is putting the wind at my back and making the road rise to my feet (old Irish Blessing)!” I was disappointed. They served vegetarian food.

We could all smell and see the food but we first had to listen to the Lama. He war an orange robe. I was hoping he’d speak while levitating or atleast do some fancy Kung Fu. Instead, he went on,”So, you must overcome karma to break the cycle of birth and rebirth into this disgusting putrid meat sack that craps and pees and sweats like animals.” 

The nice part was that he had an enjoyable Chinese accent. It was even theatrical – charismatic. Oh, and the vegi food was surprisingly delicious. Fantastic enough for me to come back the next week and hate myself even more.

Since then, I’ve had the rare honor of being accepted into a Daoist Clan. I’ve come to learn that many native Daoists and Buddhists clans will eat vegetarian, vegan, and even breathairian atleast once in their lives. 

I’ve written several blog posts like, “Why I will never date a vegetarian (apparently, neither will Ashton Kutcher)” but that was really just hyperbole to get the public ire up. In reality, I practice vegetarianism, veganism, and even breatharianism along with omnivorism.

This is the Tao (way) of these ancient civilizations who’ve passed on millenia of wisdom. They practice being facets of human expression without exclusion (except for fried foods – that’s considered a mortal sin). They do so but not out of emotion. They do so not because of the inhumane treatment of animals. They do so not because of violent associations. They alternate their diet to harmonize with their highest spiritual endeavors. 

To practice fire meditation, we only eat vegetables. We don’t think of it as practicing vegetarianism. We think of it as harmonizing everything with our higher spiritual endeavors. We are not practicing vegetarianism. We are practicing aligned meditation.

For long periods of “Suhn” meditation, we don’t eat at all. We don’t think of it as practicing breatharianism. We simply practice undisturbed meditation.

When practicing neurologically challenging and emotionally bankrupting qigong and kung-fu (aka Kuo-Shu), we eat rare to raw meat. We don’t think of it as being a carnivore. We simply unite spirit (dragon) and animal (tiger).

Unlike the exciting Buddhist Lama who hated the carnal expression, the clans I’ve been honored to meet, have been nothing but embracing of all forms of being. It could even be said that they practice non-judgement. 

But people who center themselves on their heart chakra (4 of 7) do have a valid point when they cry out against animal cruelty. I’ve been asked how I can eat meat that’s been tortured? I’ve been told that ancient civilizations did not have atrocious cattle farms. I’ve been told that ancient hunters were quick and willed a higher reincarnation upon the animal they ate for survival.

This is all true. But there is one flaw. Ancient spiritual cultures not only willed a higher reincarnation upon the animal they ate for survival, they saw to it. They ate the deer raising it’s blood to the level of human consciousness. They ate the deer to eventually take it with them to “Nirvana.”

PS. I never did learn the iChing from “flesh-hater-lama.”

PPS. Many Buddhists and Daoists eat tortured animal meat so they never have to reincarnate as a cattle farm animal again.

NEXT: But that still doesn’t solve the problem of inhumane treatment of animals. There is a better way to fight animal torture than backing away from the meat industry. Run straight at it… 

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