Mom, Don’t You Wish You Had a Owner’s Manual for Your Kids?

In Uncategorized on March 8, 2010 at 4:16 pm

My parents are Christians. But it’s funny, their flavor of Christianity is probably equally Buddhist and Daoist. They got mixed up when they had me. They were fresh immigrants. They couldn’t speak the language of Baltimore, MD. They knew nothing of the culture of New England.

How would they raise a newborn baby boy in a world that is as foreign to them as they were to the world? They found an American religion.

In reality, even if you are a born and native of your country, you today are a fresh immigrant. New and different cultures, peoples, sciences, technologies are all being relentlessly infused at you today. My parents only had to deal with one new culture in the 70’s. They only had 3 TV stations to influence them. You don’t have to go anywhere, the entire foreign world barges straight into your home and at your children.

Don’t You wish you had an owner’s manual for your kids (one that doesn’t require trying to put a tie on your little guy)?

I don’t care if they were honored as the best Parenting blog by Alltop. I still think http://mymommymanual.com could be a strong compass for raising kids today.

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