Lung Cancer Study

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Serum Biomarkers of Natural Product Therapy in Human Lung Cancer Xenograft Models


The study identifies potential biomolecular indicators of disease, known as biomarkers, for lung cancer (LC). The identification of LC biomarkers is essential for early diagnosis. Dr. Sung Baek and fellow researchers from The Institute of Drug Development had analyzed natural products, known as LP-01 and LP-02 during the study, for lung cancer.

The use of LP-01 and LP-02, along with a focus on biomarkers, could likely have a significant impact on lung cancer patients.  The method includes killikrein antibodies cross-reacted with particular proteins utilized to detect the differences between antibodies, tumor models and treatment groups. It was found that LP-01 and LP-02 had effects on the serum protein patterns involved with Lung Cancer.  STUDY DETAILS HERE

Researchers: Dr. Sung Baek, Dr. Elzbieta Izbicka, Dr. Gilbert Carrzale, and Dr. David Campos

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