Energy Drinks: Why You Should Spit, Not Swallow

In Uncategorized on March 22, 2010 at 8:58 am

Last night, I was with four of my clan brothers from our dojo. We were exhausted from a long day of working on business strategy. So we decided to go for a night cap. That was a bad idea. After a drink, we could hardly keep our eyes open. Until a drove of women walked in (they are called droves right?).

Turns out, Sugar (when swallowed) Actually Makes You and Your Kids Sleepy

Nothing had physically changed. They didn’t brush up against us. They didn’t blow us a kiss. They didn’t even make eye contact with us. But oddly, we perked up and slouched backs became stiff.

Turns out this is how energy drinks (except the caffeine) work.

Scientists thought that since energy drinks are such huge business, that they provided fuel for your muscles, adrenals, or ATP/ADP. But no. Turns out that sugar in your mouth simply stimulates your pleasure and reward centers of the brain making you more alert. But sugar when swallowed, actually inhibits brain neurons and makes you sleepy. Hence the title of this blog.

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