5 More Fun Facts About Menstruation

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A few more things you didn’t know you didn’t know about your monthly euphemism:

1) By the time you enter puberty, you have between 300,000 and 500,000 eggs. Only between 400 and 500 will ripen into mature eggs during your life.

2) The Jewish custom of a mother slapping her daughter at the onset of her first period is a sort of ancient abstinence only education. The idea is to slap some sense into the girl, reminding her not to disgrace the family by getting pregnant out of wedlock.

3) In the Biblical creation story, the name Adam is derived from “adamah,” which can be translated as “bloody loam.”

4) LOX Theatrical Tampons were a brand sold in the United States during the 1930’s. They were designed specifically for actresses as a form of menstrual protection that wouldn’t fall out during stage performances (because it “LOX” in place). Women in the theater profession were among the first in both the US and Europe to use tampons and pads rather than just bleeding into their underclothes.

5) Strippers who are ovulating average $70 in tips per hour; those who are menstruating make $35; those who are not ovulating or menstruating make $50. There is little to no change for strippers who are on the pill, since it affectively stops ovulation all together.

You could take them off the pill of course, but they we’d need a study on what kind of tips pregnant strippers make.

1) A 20-week-old female fetus has approximately 7 million eggs, but is down to 2 million by the time she is born.

2) Some native South American cultures thought that all mankind was created out of “moon blood.”

3) In 18th Century Europe, washing and changing underclothing during their period was regarded as unhealthy, because women feared it would block the bleeding or make it more intense.

4) The Draghi tampon, invented in 1959 by Andre Draghi, was designed for early cancer detection. The idea was that women could insert it themselves and send it off to a laboratory or physician who would examine it for abnormalities like cancer. It spared women and doctors the time necessary to accomplish the same thing in the doctor’s office.

5) Ancient Egyptians considered menstrual blood a remedy for many beauty problems, including sagging breasts. However, it was never used to treat conditions in men.

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