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How to Recharge Your Energy after Lunch

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Exhausted adrenal glands make it impossible for you to get excited about anything. Anything.

You’re not going to like this. You’re not going to like this, not because we’re going to talk about biochem, because we won’t even bring up adenosine triphosphate or adenosine biphosphate (oops). You’re not going to like this because we’re going to talk about the real reason you get tired – aging.

As you age, if you start using “energy drinks” as a pick-me-up after lunch, you’ll need more and more. But that’s not the problem. The problem is that you’ll eventually hit a wall no matter how much caffeine you drink.

You see, caffeine doesn’t exactly give you energy. What caffeine does is stimulate your adrenal glands to secrete, you guessed it, adrenalin. After regular dosages of caffeine, eventually, your adrenal glands will be exhausted.

Exhausted adrenal glands make it impossible for you to get excited about anything. Anything.

The long term solution to energy drain is not to force your adrenals to work extra hard as you age. That would be like putting rocket fuel in your gas tank to compensate for the fact that you haven’t given your engine a tune up in years. Sure, your performance will recover back to new car levels for a while – until your engine seizes and blazes on fire in the fast lane.

The long term solution to energy drain is to reverse the damage to your adrenals, endocrine system, and immune system incurred through aging. Aging and living a repetitive lifestyle causes certain hormones to burn at faster rates than others. Aging also slowly compounds the viral and bacterial load in your body.

Over time, simple stressors will exhaust you due to one or two low hormone levels. Over time, you will not be able to process your fatigue causing wheats, rice, alcohol, and sugars like you once did. Over time, since your immune system is fighting a growing loads of enemies, most of your energy will be spent by your immune system before you can even use it for your daily tasks.

You know how you feel weak and fatigued right before a flu comes on? This is how you eventually feel all the time. The only difference is that since you got here gradually, you just don’t realize how much energy you’ve lost.

So just like your car’s engine, instead of just pumping in adrenalin burning caffeine, overhaul and repair all your biochemical systems that once empowered you to skip down the road and laugh for hours. Any other way to inducing energy is simply depleting more of your adrenalin and precious energy producing hormones – faster as you age.

since you got here gradually, you just don’t realize how much energy you’ve lost

If you are taking daily doses of strong coffee or some hand full of hours energy drink, Look into 100% Natural Epstin for Energy. One bottle will last you over a month. Or you can just choose to live a less and less stressful life as you pass your 30’s.

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How to Be Powerful, Effective, and Successful

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Why You Love to French Kiss

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When I was a kid, I remember asking my mom why people like to “French Kiss.” Her answer was unsatisfactory. She probably wasn’t the best person to ask. She and Dad hated each other from day one. It was an arranged marriage.

The post dated May 26, 2010 offers a better answer (I wish I could link straight to it!): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Taoism-But-Spelled-Daoism/387801654611?v=wall#!/pages/Natural-Medicine-Without-Side-Effects/119334998094785

Beware, while there are countless and innumerable benefits and advantages to modern medicine, the above source is one sided and only highlights the benefits of traditional oriental medicine. I know because I wrote it. – Bob Wan Qi Kim, Health Care Industry Consultant

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How to Recharge Your Creativity

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For all of us mind-workers out there, creativity is the difference between a new client and a bankruptcy. But as crucial as creativity is to your livelihood, very few of us know anything about it. We’ve named several things that stop creativity like, “writer’s block.” But, as creative as we are, we haven’t really figured out a way to reverse it. We sit idle passively hoping for inspiration like two year olds with open mouths sitting under clouds hoping for a drop of rain.

Semen is Rich in Testosterone

Let’s stop this.

There is a neuro-psycho-bio-chemistry to creativity. If you don’t have the chemistry, you won’t ever be a Picasso, Salinger, Jobs or Trump.

Scientists of Neuropsychopharmacology at the Department of Neuroendocrinology, University of Lübeck, Germany and the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Lübeck, Germany said (And Don’t Worry, We’ll Translate),

Previous studies indicated an enhanced capability of divergent creative thinking in young women during the ovulatory phase, which expressed itself also by an increased dimensional complexity of ongoing electroencephalographic (EEG) activity. Considering the enhanced plasma levels of estrogen and testosterone characterizing the ovulatory phase, we tested whether short-term administration of estrogen or testosterone in postmenopausal women with constantly low levels of gonadal steroids induces similar changes in divergent thinking. In two placebo-controlled cross-over studies, healthy postmenopausal women (n=12, in each study, mean age 58 years, range 47–65 years) were treated transdermally over 3 days with estrogen and testosterone, respectively, at doses inducing plasma hormone concentrations comparable with those observed in young women around ovulation. Capabilities of divergent thought and convergent analytical thought, performance on motor perseveration, and verbal memory were examined. EEG activity was recorded while subjects performed on tasks of thinking and during mental relaxation. Estrogen impaired divergent thinking (p<0.01) and enhanced convergent thinking, motor perseveration, and memory for the initial word list (p<0.05 for all tests). In parallel, EEG dimensional complexity was reduced (p<0.05). Overall, these changes indicate an estrogen-induced shift from a ‘divergent’ towards a more ‘convergent’ mode of processing. However, overall less consistent, effects of testosterone were opposite to those of estrogen. It increased performance on some of the divergent thinking tasks (p<0.05), and tended to increase EEG dimensional complexity during divergent thinking. Data indicate a differential sensitivity of modes of thinking to short-term treatment with estrogen and testosterone in postmenopausal women. – Source

What the above research is saying is that estrogen makes your brain detail and precision oriented while testosterone gives your brain the ability to make mental leaps. By making mental connections where there were no explicit associations, you become an out-of-the-box thinker.

Since we know that testosterone also makes you aggressive, pair this creative and resourceful thinking with aggressive action and you’ve got yourself that 500 page novel you’ve always been wanting to write, the solution to global oil spills, a piercingly evocative oil painting, or pregnant.

So now the main question becomes, how do I get more testosterone? 


So now the main question becomes, how do I get more testosterone? 

Raw squid is a very high source of testosterone. Women in Korea and Japan eat it to help them get pregnant. If you can’t find a source of testosterone, you could just plan on conserving your own. This means cutting out sugar and sex from your life (less for women – semen is extremely high in testosterone (hence the resemblance in odor to raw squid) (which is also why some homosexual men may tend to be more effeminate. They engage in sexual activity 4-6 times a day compared to 1-2 times a week for straight men according to some statistics (Google it))).

Whether you decide to cut out sex or not from your diet, if you want to replenish and revitalize your hormonal levels, look further into Leitzin for Creativity and Savagin for Hormonal, Endocrinal, and Vital Organ Power – Both are produced by the producer of this blog: http://jbni.us

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How to Meditate. The Core Guided Meditation for Seeing Yourself As You Are

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How many of your likes, hates, and loves are simply adopted from your environment – not from your core?

Decades after East and West have bled into each other, decades after Brittain moved out of India and America helped rebuild Japan and Korea, Eastern Meditation is still a mystery to many.

We all seem to know that it’s good for your immune system and stress level. But we’ve also heard that meditation and unlock the unusual powers of human potential. So what is meditation? How do You Meditate?

The following Meditation is the core guided meditation that allows you to see yourself as you really are. From this vantage point, you should be able to see how many of your decisions and actions are from your true core vs. how many of your likes, hates, and loves are simply adopted from your society – not from your core.

This blog is produced by the makers of Leitzin for Extraordinary Creative Vision, http://jbni.us 100% Natural Herbal Formulas for Power, Longevity, and Vibrant health

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How to Fall Asleep Fast – Insomnia Relief

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First of all, stress makes it hard to sleep. The hormonal biochemistry of stress keeps you in fight-or-flight mode. So worrying about not being able to sleep will make you more unable to sleep. Yep – viscious cycle. You

Mentally, to sleep, you have to disengage your left brain and engage the right. We’ll cover this in the next post at http://bioprin.posterous.com/tag/insomnia are

Physically, what you have to do is simple. Ever notice that if you’re in a room full of people with poor ventilation you get really sleepy fast? It’s because carbon dioxide is a sedative. And you’re in luck. There’s a co2 factory right inside you. Or you are inside it. I suppose that all depends on your philosophical take on the subject. Notice how you’re starting to move into your right brain now? getting

Anyhow, just pull the covers over your head and breathe. Co2 collects fast. And so will those fuzzy sheep. You’re getting sleepy.

If none of this works, never mind. Do something productive with that extra energy. After all, people who sleep more than 8 hours a day end up dying younger anyways. True Story: http://bioprin.posterous.com/tag/sleep sleepy

This post was produced by the makers of Serenadin for people with stressful fast paced lives, JBNI Biodrux Naturaceuticals.

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Why Smoking Cigarettes Causes Wrinkles and Enlarged Pores (It’s Not What You Think)

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3 Top Tips To Eat Less but Be Full

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We all know that if the food is delicious, we overeat. We all know that the tastier the food, the longer we feel hungry. There’s a simple reason for that. 

You only feel hunger when your stomach muscles are relaxed. When food is in your stomach, your stomach contracts to eliminate the feeling of hunger (Source: JBNI Biodrux Biologists http://jbni.us/biodrux/beauty.html ). When you have delicious food, your stomach stays relaxed longer. In fact, all your muscles relax when you have good pleasurable food. For that matter, any pleasure relaxes you.

So you have this dilemma of good food making you fat. Here’s what you can do:

Top 3 Ways to Eat Less and Be Full

1. Eat disgusting food
Just Kidding. But it would be wise to use less salt. Salt makes you crave more food and water for obvious reasons

2. Eat your vegis first
This way, your stomach has annoying high fiber foods it needs to start processing. You’ll lose your appetite fast.

3. Eat slowly
Worse come to worse, your stomach only has a 30 minute hunger cycle. Even if you are starving famished for shoe leather, in 30 minutes, you’ll lose your appetite and stop eating – especially if you chew on your shoe.

BONUS: Eat with your legs crossed.
This keeps your abdomen contracted so there’s less space for the food and you’ll feel full faster. 

If you still need help, this blog is produced by the makers of A-Balm, the Appetite Suppressant Lip Balm, JBNI Biodrux Naturaceuticals.

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Stretch! It Makes Arterial Plaque Slide Off!

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Excerpt Taken from Product Description for CIRRIN by JBNI Biodrux Naturaceuticals:

Before you hit your 30’s, if you remove LDL cholesterol causing foods, exercise daily, moderate your cortisol raising stress, and take super antioxidants, you should never have any serious arterial or blood vessel plaque problems. 

But, while you may think that shifting to a healthy lifestyle at any age will reverse existing blood pressure, hypertension, and arterial plaque problems. This is not true. What you may not realise is that once plaque starts building, two things happen. First, plaque gives more plaque friendly surface area to bind to. Plaque acts as a primer to more plaque. Secondly, any amount of plaque slows down blood flow to the connected blood vessels. So any cardiovascular exercise you do after you begin to build up plaque will have much cleaning less effect.

How to Tell if You Have Arterial Plaque Problems

Obviously there are tests your doctor can administer. But even without the tests, you can tell just by looking at your external physiological symptoms. Where there are other factors that can produce the same symptoms, the most common effects of having arterial plaque build up are skin problems and hair loss.

You may not immediately see the connection between heart disease causing artery clogs and your beauty. Some doctors may not even see the connection.

Your skin and hair health are 100% dependent on your microcapillarial blood vessel circulation. If the surface of your skin becomes dry in spots and oily in others, this is because you are starting to lose even distribution to nourishing and cleansing blood flow. So some glands over compensate causing oily zones and other zones just become leathery dry. If blood is constricted from your hair follicles, the hair loses it’s color and begins to fall out.

So, if your skin is losing it’s natural childlike glow and your hair is thinning, your extremities are just not getting enough blood flow

As you can imagine, all the blood flow through your micro capillaries comes from your arteries. So, if your skin is losing it’s natural childlike even glow and your hair is thinning, your extremities are just not getting enough blood from your arteries.

While there are many prescription drugs you can take, if you want to start addressing this issue immediately, stretch. Scientists only recently discovered that stretching not only keeps your muscle cells pliable, it keeps your arterial wall cells stretchy. Stretchy arteries are “slippery.” Plaque has a harder time sticking to them.

At this point, you’re going to need to know which stretches are the most powerful. Join our Facebook Qigong Page for Ancient Stretches Taught by Kung Fu Masters.

This blog is produced by the makers of 100% Natural CIRRIN with ZERO Side Effects for people with arterial plaque, JBNI Biodrux Naturaceuticals.

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What Is That Severe Pain Weeks Before Your Period – Even Before PMS PMT?

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You experience pain during and immediately before your periods due to hormonal fluctuations. But pain weeks before your period is unrelated to the hormone swings that cause your period. Pain that happens long before your period and during sex is due to cysts that form on the inside your uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, and outside of these organs.

These cysts become big enough to cause pain and even block the passage of your egg cells. This is an extremely common yet extremely ignored condition called endometriosis.

The nonprofit organization, Endometriosis Institute states that it affects 54-58% of all women under 35 years of age. Fittingly, this is about the same frequency of women who cannot achieve orgasm during sex.

While possibly caused by psychological issues, and other issues, painful cysts can block your nervous system’s ability to register pleasure and climax.

If these cysts are internal, they can pop and drain as during menses. But if these cysts are external, they pop leaving your body to force process the toxic fluid. Women who chronically undernourish, undereat, undergo extreme diets, and are hypoglycemic and / or highly stressed with mood swings are the most likely to develop chronic endometriosis. Regulating your sugar levels and revitalizing your reproductive and endocrine system are the man keys to healthy and pain free ovulation.

Steps that may help you:

1. Maintain a stable diet that prevents fluctuations in your sugar levels

2. Maintain a stable exercise schedule that promotes your body’s ability to metabolize carbs and sugars

3. Maintain a low stress lifestyle that prevents hormonal fatigue

Ultimately, it’s important to realize that although half the women on earth cannot reach climax and half the women on earth experience extreme pain throughout the month, this is just not normal. 

This blog post was taken from the product description page for Endomet, made by the producers of this blog, JBNI Naturaceuticals.

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