How to Cure Oxygen Depravation or Polycythemia Like the Tibetans – The Opposite of Anemia

In Uncategorized on May 17, 2010 at 3:57 pm

The quickest way is to cure polycythemia is to repel down. But if for some reason, you are hell bent on scaling the peak of some mountain or are imprisoned in some Tibetan high mountain penetentiary, you’re going to need 10 different genes.

Turns out that at higher elevations, your body compounds the number of your red blood cells. This is a smart bio mechanism that allows you to transport more oxygen in thin air. But it will kill you too – unless you are Tibetan.

Scientists including Lynn Jorde PhD from the U of Utah School of Medicine and Qinghai Medical School found that Tibetans have 10 different genes that keep their body from producing too many red blood cells where most people would just die. They also found that while other races have also adapted to high elevations like the Andes and high mountains of Ethiopia, none of the other groups had these elevation adaptation genes.

The researchers also found that the Tibetans also had higher levels of nitric acid than others. Nitric acid helps deliver more oxygen to muscles and organs.

So there you have it. Sherpas are the superior race.

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