Why You Lose Your Rosy Cheeks – How to Get Them Back

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Remember those beautiful radiant and adorable rosy cheeks you used to have? When I was a kid, my mom told me that I stole them from her. As a medical consultant, I learned that this is just not true (how liberating it is to be freed from decades of guilt  =p).

If you think back, you’ll remember that you used to bleed profusely at the slightest paper cuts. Interestingly, the timing is identical. You lost your rosy cheeks when you became impervious to paper cuts. Your skin didn’t just get thicker. You actually lost blood circulation to the farthest layers of your skin.

You may think this is a natural part of aging but it is not. I know many women in their 50s who still have flawless pore-free, wrinkle free, rosy cheek touting faces. You do too I’m sure. So the logical follow up question is, what’s the difference?

People with beautiful flawless skin simply have resilient hormone and blood circulation to their dermis and perfect diffusion to their epidermis. Everyone else does not. Since this answer doesn’t help much, lets go into the reasons why you’d lose blood circulation to the farthest dermal cells.

Why Your Skin Starts Dying and Degenerating

1. Environmental toxins compound within your skin cells

2. Plaque builds up in your arteries down to the micro capillaries in your skin from LDL cholesterol

3. Lotions and makeup constrict fill your skin cells with toxins

4. Lotions and makeup condition your skin cells to stop producing it’s natural human oils and collagen

5. Glycerin based soap leaves a sheet of petroleum oil on your skin preventing it from breathing

So as you can see, 4 of the 5 reasons you lose your rosy cheeks and get enlarged pores and wrinkles are self-induced. If you just reversed these 4 factors that keep blood and nutrients from thoroughly reaching your skin cells, you’d have pore and wrinkle free rosy cheeks. Or if that’s too much trouble, you could just get drunk. Alcohol is a vasodilator.

Continued: How to Reverse the 4 Factors that Block Blood and Nutrients from Reaching Your Skin Cells (How to Tighten Enlarged Pores)

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