FAQ: What If I’m Allergic to One of the Herbs In JBNI Biodrux Naturaceutical Formulas?

In Uncategorized on May 18, 2010 at 3:15 am

Food and plant allergies are of serious concern to those with already compromised health conditions. However, all of JBNI Biodrux Naturaceuticals are precisely and perfectly paired to be 100% non allergenic, 100% side effect free, and features zero contraindications to any other formulas you may be taking – including chemical pharmaceuticals.

When asked how this level of pairing is possible from herbal formulas that are know to be strongly bioactive, the JBNI Scientists explained, “Elemental hydrogen is an explosive gas. Elemental oxygen is a gas that catalyzes combustion. When combined, however, they form water, it does neither.”

This blog post was produced by the makers of 100% Natural Bio-Medicine, JBNI Genomics and Cancer Proteomics

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