What Is That Severe Pain Weeks Before Your Period – Even Before PMS PMT?

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You experience pain during and immediately before your periods due to hormonal fluctuations. But pain weeks before your period is unrelated to the hormone swings that cause your period. Pain that happens long before your period and during sex is due to cysts that form on the inside your uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, and outside of these organs.

These cysts become big enough to cause pain and even block the passage of your egg cells. This is an extremely common yet extremely ignored condition called endometriosis.

The nonprofit organization, Endometriosis Institute states that it affects 54-58% of all women under 35 years of age. Fittingly, this is about the same frequency of women who cannot achieve orgasm during sex.

While possibly caused by psychological issues, and other issues, painful cysts can block your nervous system’s ability to register pleasure and climax.

If these cysts are internal, they can pop and drain as during menses. But if these cysts are external, they pop leaving your body to force process the toxic fluid. Women who chronically undernourish, undereat, undergo extreme diets, and are hypoglycemic and / or highly stressed with mood swings are the most likely to develop chronic endometriosis. Regulating your sugar levels and revitalizing your reproductive and endocrine system are the man keys to healthy and pain free ovulation.

Steps that may help you:

1. Maintain a stable diet that prevents fluctuations in your sugar levels

2. Maintain a stable exercise schedule that promotes your body’s ability to metabolize carbs and sugars

3. Maintain a low stress lifestyle that prevents hormonal fatigue

Ultimately, it’s important to realize that although half the women on earth cannot reach climax and half the women on earth experience extreme pain throughout the month, this is just not normal. 

This blog post was taken from the product description page for Endomet, made by the producers of this blog, JBNI Naturaceuticals.

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