3 Top Tips To Eat Less but Be Full

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We all know that if the food is delicious, we overeat. We all know that the tastier the food, the longer we feel hungry. There’s a simple reason for that. 

You only feel hunger when your stomach muscles are relaxed. When food is in your stomach, your stomach contracts to eliminate the feeling of hunger (Source: JBNI Biodrux Biologists http://jbni.us/biodrux/beauty.html ). When you have delicious food, your stomach stays relaxed longer. In fact, all your muscles relax when you have good pleasurable food. For that matter, any pleasure relaxes you.

So you have this dilemma of good food making you fat. Here’s what you can do:

Top 3 Ways to Eat Less and Be Full

1. Eat disgusting food
Just Kidding. But it would be wise to use less salt. Salt makes you crave more food and water for obvious reasons

2. Eat your vegis first
This way, your stomach has annoying high fiber foods it needs to start processing. You’ll lose your appetite fast.

3. Eat slowly
Worse come to worse, your stomach only has a 30 minute hunger cycle. Even if you are starving famished for shoe leather, in 30 minutes, you’ll lose your appetite and stop eating – especially if you chew on your shoe.

BONUS: Eat with your legs crossed.
This keeps your abdomen contracted so there’s less space for the food and you’ll feel full faster. 

If you still need help, this blog is produced by the makers of A-Balm, the Appetite Suppressant Lip Balm, JBNI Biodrux Naturaceuticals.

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