Stretch! It Makes Arterial Plaque Slide Off!

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Excerpt Taken from Product Description for CIRRIN by JBNI Biodrux Naturaceuticals:

Before you hit your 30’s, if you remove LDL cholesterol causing foods, exercise daily, moderate your cortisol raising stress, and take super antioxidants, you should never have any serious arterial or blood vessel plaque problems. 

But, while you may think that shifting to a healthy lifestyle at any age will reverse existing blood pressure, hypertension, and arterial plaque problems. This is not true. What you may not realise is that once plaque starts building, two things happen. First, plaque gives more plaque friendly surface area to bind to. Plaque acts as a primer to more plaque. Secondly, any amount of plaque slows down blood flow to the connected blood vessels. So any cardiovascular exercise you do after you begin to build up plaque will have much cleaning less effect.

How to Tell if You Have Arterial Plaque Problems

Obviously there are tests your doctor can administer. But even without the tests, you can tell just by looking at your external physiological symptoms. Where there are other factors that can produce the same symptoms, the most common effects of having arterial plaque build up are skin problems and hair loss.

You may not immediately see the connection between heart disease causing artery clogs and your beauty. Some doctors may not even see the connection.

Your skin and hair health are 100% dependent on your microcapillarial blood vessel circulation. If the surface of your skin becomes dry in spots and oily in others, this is because you are starting to lose even distribution to nourishing and cleansing blood flow. So some glands over compensate causing oily zones and other zones just become leathery dry. If blood is constricted from your hair follicles, the hair loses it’s color and begins to fall out.

So, if your skin is losing it’s natural childlike glow and your hair is thinning, your extremities are just not getting enough blood flow

As you can imagine, all the blood flow through your micro capillaries comes from your arteries. So, if your skin is losing it’s natural childlike even glow and your hair is thinning, your extremities are just not getting enough blood from your arteries.

While there are many prescription drugs you can take, if you want to start addressing this issue immediately, stretch. Scientists only recently discovered that stretching not only keeps your muscle cells pliable, it keeps your arterial wall cells stretchy. Stretchy arteries are “slippery.” Plaque has a harder time sticking to them.

At this point, you’re going to need to know which stretches are the most powerful. Join our Facebook Qigong Page for Ancient Stretches Taught by Kung Fu Masters.

This blog is produced by the makers of 100% Natural CIRRIN with ZERO Side Effects for people with arterial plaque, JBNI Biodrux Naturaceuticals.

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