How to Fall Asleep Fast – Insomnia Relief

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First of all, stress makes it hard to sleep. The hormonal biochemistry of stress keeps you in fight-or-flight mode. So worrying about not being able to sleep will make you more unable to sleep. Yep – viscious cycle. You

Mentally, to sleep, you have to disengage your left brain and engage the right. We’ll cover this in the next post at http://bioprin.posterous.com/tag/insomnia are

Physically, what you have to do is simple. Ever notice that if you’re in a room full of people with poor ventilation you get really sleepy fast? It’s because carbon dioxide is a sedative. And you’re in luck. There’s a co2 factory right inside you. Or you are inside it. I suppose that all depends on your philosophical take on the subject. Notice how you’re starting to move into your right brain now? getting

Anyhow, just pull the covers over your head and breathe. Co2 collects fast. And so will those fuzzy sheep. You’re getting sleepy.

If none of this works, never mind. Do something productive with that extra energy. After all, people who sleep more than 8 hours a day end up dying younger anyways. True Story: http://bioprin.posterous.com/tag/sleep sleepy

This post was produced by the makers of Serenadin for people with stressful fast paced lives, JBNI Biodrux Naturaceuticals.

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