How to Recharge Your Creativity

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For all of us mind-workers out there, creativity is the difference between a new client and a bankruptcy. But as crucial as creativity is to your livelihood, very few of us know anything about it. We’ve named several things that stop creativity like, “writer’s block.” But, as creative as we are, we haven’t really figured out a way to reverse it. We sit idle passively hoping for inspiration like two year olds with open mouths sitting under clouds hoping for a drop of rain.

Semen is Rich in Testosterone

Let’s stop this.

There is a neuro-psycho-bio-chemistry to creativity. If you don’t have the chemistry, you won’t ever be a Picasso, Salinger, Jobs or Trump.

Scientists of Neuropsychopharmacology at the Department of Neuroendocrinology, University of Lübeck, Germany and the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Lübeck, Germany said (And Don’t Worry, We’ll Translate),

Previous studies indicated an enhanced capability of divergent creative thinking in young women during the ovulatory phase, which expressed itself also by an increased dimensional complexity of ongoing electroencephalographic (EEG) activity. Considering the enhanced plasma levels of estrogen and testosterone characterizing the ovulatory phase, we tested whether short-term administration of estrogen or testosterone in postmenopausal women with constantly low levels of gonadal steroids induces similar changes in divergent thinking. In two placebo-controlled cross-over studies, healthy postmenopausal women (n=12, in each study, mean age 58 years, range 47–65 years) were treated transdermally over 3 days with estrogen and testosterone, respectively, at doses inducing plasma hormone concentrations comparable with those observed in young women around ovulation. Capabilities of divergent thought and convergent analytical thought, performance on motor perseveration, and verbal memory were examined. EEG activity was recorded while subjects performed on tasks of thinking and during mental relaxation. Estrogen impaired divergent thinking (p<0.01) and enhanced convergent thinking, motor perseveration, and memory for the initial word list (p<0.05 for all tests). In parallel, EEG dimensional complexity was reduced (p<0.05). Overall, these changes indicate an estrogen-induced shift from a ‘divergent’ towards a more ‘convergent’ mode of processing. However, overall less consistent, effects of testosterone were opposite to those of estrogen. It increased performance on some of the divergent thinking tasks (p<0.05), and tended to increase EEG dimensional complexity during divergent thinking. Data indicate a differential sensitivity of modes of thinking to short-term treatment with estrogen and testosterone in postmenopausal women. – Source

What the above research is saying is that estrogen makes your brain detail and precision oriented while testosterone gives your brain the ability to make mental leaps. By making mental connections where there were no explicit associations, you become an out-of-the-box thinker.

Since we know that testosterone also makes you aggressive, pair this creative and resourceful thinking with aggressive action and you’ve got yourself that 500 page novel you’ve always been wanting to write, the solution to global oil spills, a piercingly evocative oil painting, or pregnant.

So now the main question becomes, how do I get more testosterone? 


So now the main question becomes, how do I get more testosterone? 

Raw squid is a very high source of testosterone. Women in Korea and Japan eat it to help them get pregnant. If you can’t find a source of testosterone, you could just plan on conserving your own. This means cutting out sugar and sex from your life (less for women – semen is extremely high in testosterone (hence the resemblance in odor to raw squid) (which is also why some homosexual men may tend to be more effeminate. They engage in sexual activity 4-6 times a day compared to 1-2 times a week for straight men according to some statistics (Google it))).

Whether you decide to cut out sex or not from your diet, if you want to replenish and revitalize your hormonal levels, look further into Leitzin for Creativity and Savagin for Hormonal, Endocrinal, and Vital Organ Power – Both are produced by the producer of this blog: http://jbni.us

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