The 3 Ways to Deal Natural and Health Disasters. Only One is Recommended.

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BP spilled oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Most people aren’t concerned because they don’t realise that the Gulf of Mexico is the beach for Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas.

But this is not the first time. In 2006, BP did the same thing.

BP, Toyota, Ford, Con-Agra, etc. would rather pay for a disaster than prevent it. The way the economy and society is set up, they are right. It’s cheaper to settle out of court on dozens of wrongful death suits than it is to double check thousands of cars, farms, and underwater oil pipes.

“Don’t Be that Guy.”

As much as we are justfied to point fingers at what mega corporations do to the earth, we do the same things to our bodies. It’s easier to eat garbage, hit the couch instead of the gym, and gulp energy drinks instead of rebuilding our endocrine system.

We wait until some pipe in our body breaks and push doctors, insurance companies, and our government to fix it.

No. There is nothing wrong with expecting our doctors insurance, and government to do their jobs. But each one of us would benefit if we just remembered that we have 3 ways to deal with health disasters.

The 3 Ways to Deal Natural and Health Disasters. Only One is Recommended.

1. Fix or Cure the Disaster After It Happens

2. Go the Extra Mile and Take Steps to Prevent Your Most Likely Diseases

3. Do None of the Above. Instead, Just Build Yourself Extraordinary Vitality.

Honestly, even in my personal finances, I’ve paid heavy late fees after disasters I caused. And then, I’ve also been dilligent and spent hours balancing credit cards. Now, I’m working on doing “none of the above.” I’m working on making my finances strong enough to be beyond all that.

The Admin of http://disastearth.com , The scientists and physicians at http://jbni.us , and I support your goal of having extraordinary vitality. We all know that guy who jumps into frozen ponds and never gets sick – ever. In this case, ‘go be that guy.’ Explore http://JBNI.us for 100% Natural Formulas Designed for 33+ Health Concerns and Ultimately, Build Your Extraordinary Vitality.

People living in natural disaster areas immediately qualify for 50% off all of http://jbni.us products – even sale items. Please let http://twitter.com/JBNIherbs also know if you have any ideas on how we might help out.

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