BP Oil Spill Creates 800% More Methane Than Ever Seen. Creates Deadzones.

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Ok. This one is going to be hard to explain. We all know that every action has a reaction. We all know that the reaction also creates an action. So we have a chain reaction of dominoes falling. Well, turns out that the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico contains 800% more methane than we’ve ever seen in any spill – ever. Scientists at Texas A&M are calling this the worst methane explosion in all of history. (source: AP)

So what’s next? Is our ozone level going to get even thinning making skin cancer risk double? Not yet. That’s one of the dominoes farther down the line.

An immediate result of the methane release according to Steven DiMarco, an oceanographer at Texas A&M University, is oxygen depletion zones above the ocean and beneath the surface. He explains that one of the most likely victims will be the Giant Squid. The squid will enter these invisible odorless deadzones and die from oxygen deprivation.

The next link in the chain will become immediately visible to humans. The Giant Squid is the food of choice for one of the biggest animals on earth – the Sperm Whale. Sperm Whales will die from starvation or eating a diseased and dying Giant Squid. 

This is when the Gulf oil spill touches you. Diseased Sperm Whales might just wash up on shore. Birds that migrate thousands of miles within days will eat the carcass of dead giant Sperm Whales that wash up on the shores of Texas, New Orleans, Florida, and further. These birds, in turn, might just fall from sky and land right next to the cat or dog food bowl in your back yard. Little jimmy will kiss his pet before going to school. He will start sneezing.

Far-fetched? How do you think swine, bird, and horse flu happened?

“When oxygen levels drop low enough, the breakdown of oil grinds to a halt; since it’s also depleted in the water, life can’t be sustained”

And that was the good news. Chain reactions don’t just happen in a linear dominoes falling kind of way. They radiate in all directions like a pebble dropped into a pond. We’ve only followed one of the chain reaction vectors. We havent even touched on the dangers of oxygen depletion in the sky. We haven’t even touched on atmospheric dead zones that can travel over your neighborhood.

Due to these sudden global changes, viruses, fungus, and bacteria are mutating at extraordinary rates that leave your human immune system far behind. It takes pathogens minutes to become super viruses and germs. Can your liver, kidneys, and white blood cells do that?

This post was produced by the makers of Millenium CF and Bioprin, JBNI Biodrux Naturaceuticals.

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