CNN: “162 Cases of Illness Linked to BP Oil Spill.” And that’s only the prequel…

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CNN reports that 162 people, mostly men between 18 and 64, reported symptoms including throat irritation, shortness of breath, cough, eye irritation, nausea and headaches after being exposed to the BP Gulf Oil Spill environment.

However, commenters to that post scoff saying,

“I’m sorry but I smell b.s. Let’s all dip into that “unlimited” bp relief fund”

These are early warning signs of developing substance abuse and dependence, mental illness, suicide – CNN

Sadly, while this may be the case, the public forgets that the gasoline at the petrol pump has added odor “for our protection.” In other words, as soon as the oil from a broken well pipe hits oxygen, the components start disintegrating and evaporating into the air as methane, gasoline, kerosene and more. They are all odorless. Relief workers are working in an openair gas chamber.

These gas chambers can get so bad that oxygen is totally burnt up creating “dead zones.”

The CNN report concludes’

“Teams have counseled almost 2,000 people in affected areas, and are reporting increases in anxiety, depression, stress, grief, excessive drinking, earlier drinking and suicidal ideation, he said. “These are early warning signs of developing substance abuse and dependence, mental illness, suicide and familial breakdown including divorce, spouse abuse and child abuse and neglect.” – CNN

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